Surfing Galway: why to surf in Galway ?

Ireland is one of the countries that has caught some of the biggest waves in the whole of Europe of recent. It has several hot spots for surfing like Co. Donegal, Mullaghmore, and Aileens, however, an area like Galway remains arguably the best surfing spot in the country.

Is it possible to surf in Galway?

Galway hosts a ton of surfing spots, especially in the southern region. Places like Co. Clare at Lahinch beach, Doughmore beach in Doonbeg, and Fanore Beach are well-known sites around Galway for surfers in the country and around the world. Therefore, yes, Galway is a very sweet spot for surfing, as it contains several beaches that you would love.

Surfing spots in Galway

There is a host of surfing spots to choose from within and around Galway, which all offer good waves for an awesome surfing experience. They include:

Lahinch Beach

From surf schools to good waves and a wide beach, Lahinch beach offers everything you would need to satisfy your surfing desires in an area. Also, their surf school is top-notch, providing affordable tuition and proper equipment to help newbies learn faster. As a plus, most of these schools are headed by some of the finest Ireland surfers who have made the news for riding unimaginable waves. The beach also provides three breaks, one each for beginners, intermediate and expert surfers.

Fanore Beach

Fanore beach is known for its beautiful and extensive sand dune structures, a wide area and less populated waves that grabs the attention of surfers all year long. Despite its rocky environment, it remains an ideal location for individuals in Galway who are looking to learn how to surf.

DoughmoreBach at Doonbeg

This beach is one of the few that offers good tides when other locations are dry. Its waves are all year round, making it a good spot for surfers, however, you should keep an eye out for heavy rip currents that could pose challenges when surfing.

Dunlaughin, Ballyconneely

The Dunlaughin is more or less a remote secret surfing spot found on the coast of Connemara. However, despite its location, it has a fantastic view and good waves for surfing, and it is located far away from main roads and houses. This beach is a good spot for people looking to surf away from the crowd or camp too. It generates moderate size waves that cater for the needs of beginners, intermediate and expert surfers.

Cross Beach and Carrownisky Strand

Cross beach and Carrownisky strand are two great spots for amateur surfers, as they offer a wide area with little shelter from the prevailing wind, therefore, things could get a bit wild while surfing. The view they offer is very pleasing as they allow you to see Clare Island and Inishturk from the shore. Carrownisky Strand is the most popular area.

Surf schools in Galway

If you are an amateur or intermediate surfer looking to learn, then you can simply register with any of the best surf schools in Galway. These schools are located in the popular beaches listed above, and they are:

  • Lahinch Surf Centre
  • Lahinch surf school
  • Ben’s surf clinic surf school Lahinch
  • Lahinch surf experience
  • Aloha surf school fanore
  • Surf mayo at Carrownisky

These schools provide excellent equipment and affordable tuition to help you learn from scratch and progress into being a professional.