Why would CBD oil be good for health and surf ?

Cannabis is gaining more acceptance from the public. As a matter of fact, more people are appreciating the health benefits of cannabis products. There are two major compositions of cannabis: they are the THC and CBD. The THC component gave people the “high” sensation, while the CBD component has anti-inflammatory properties. This piece talks about the benefits of CBD oil especially for people who surf.

Benefits of CBD oil for health and surfing?

The major reason why most people initially frowned at cannabis was because of the ecstatic effect that it gave. Today, that has changed due to the benefits you can get using CBD oil.

General Benefits of CBD

Further research showed that it was the THC component in cannabis that gave that high sensation. With the help of science, the CBD was extracted as a distinct compound. This innovation has helped in a groundbreaking breakthrough in health.

The benefits of CBD towards treating cancer is even a myth that it can cure cancer. CBD helps in relieving pains far better than most analgesics. It is essential for an individual undergoing treatment that cause serious pains, such as chemotherapy. CBD also enables digestion and reduces cases of constipation.

Benefits of CBD to Surfers

Surfing is an intensive exercise. During the course of surfing, you are working various parts of your body. The strain is immense, starting from the moment you are paddling in the water. Having to ride waves moving at amazing speeds is no joke. Surfers often feel the effect of every surf.

With CBD, they have the perfect recovery aid. The use of CBD will help professional surfers overcome the pains of surfing. With CBD removed from the list of blacklisted drugs, professional surfers can use CBD during competitions. Reports are showing that CBD aids sleeping.

Although these reports are still subject to further tests, they could be a major booster if proven to be true. There is no better way to recover for the next phase of a competition by getting good sleep and healing from the pains of the previous rounds. The use of CBD ensures you get both.

How can you take CBD?

Before taking CBD as a professional surfer, ensure you know its THC content. Marijuana and THC are still blacklisted drugs for professional athletes. Testing positive for them may mean the end of your participation in that tournament. Or worse, it may lead to the end of your career.

There are various ways to take CBD. CBD is often part of other products. They are used in making balms, oils, chewable tablets. Before taking any CBD product, consult with a registered MMJ doctor. It is also important that surfers avoid taking more amounts than necessary.

Chewable CBD often takes time before its effects kick in. Avoid taking additional quantities because you are yet to feel its effects. CBD products contain 0.3% of THC. Although it may not seem much, consuming more than the prescribed CBD quantity may affect performance. Always ensure to get quality CBD products.

What are the benefits of surfing?

Like all intense exercise, surfing helps with muscle building and tonight. It also increases your flexibility. Surfing helps with cardio and ensures you have a healthy heart. It lowers blood pressure and reduces chances of heart-related problems.

Surfing is a good way to lose weight and shed fat. Doing so in the sun means you get adequate amounts of vitamin D. Surfing helps relax the body and make you sleep better. All these benefits combined can boost your immune system.