Learn surf mountain and explore new horizons

Exploring new horizons and enjoying life to the fullest is what most people dream of. There are many ways to achieve these experiences, but none comes close to surfing near mountains. However, not everyone can surf in the water or close to mountains. This guide will show you how to surf in the water close to mountains, why many people do it, and equipment to possess when surfing close to mountains.

How to surf in the water close to mountains?

Knowing how to surf in the water close to mountains is necessary to prevent surf accidents, here are some tips to know:

Choose your surfing spots carefully

While surfing along rocks and mountains may be fun, it is advisable to always know safe surfing spots before starting. There are some spots usually safer than others.

Ask locals for tips before surfing

Locals know their ways around these Rocky water terrains, therefore it is better to seek more information from these people before taking a dip close to the mountains.

Use good surfing gears

Surfing types of equipment and gears are not there for just aesthetic purposes, they are there to prevent severe accidents during surfing. There are many surfing gears which can keep one safe.

Learn some surfing etiquette

There is some essential surfing etiquette which you should learn before going to surf mountain. One of those etiquette is “snaking” which prevents lots of accidents during huge tides and high waves.

Why you should surf in waters close to mountains?

It is a good move to surf near mountains and terrains because of the following reasons:

Increases strength and fitness levels

Surfing is a form of exercise especially when it is done close to mountains. You get better balance, and enhanced strength when you regularly surf. Individuals’ fitness levels also improve when surfing becomes a regular activity.

Improves confidence and self-esteem

Surfing in waters close to mountains guarantees high confidence and self-esteem for surfers. This is because it removes your fear as you regularly go against tides which makes you stronger mentally.

Connects you with nature

Exploring new horizons like seas, hills, and mountains brings you closer to nature. This bond with nature is good because it increases your experience and lets you learn more about your surroundings.

Gears available for mountain surfing

Getting good surfing equipment and gear before surfing in waters close to mountains is necessary to prevent accidents, here are recommendations:


Surfboard remains the most important gear to use when surfing because it serves as a gliding transport. Choosing the appropriate surfboards can save your life. There are many surfboards to choose from depending on your skill level and terrain.

Surf fín

Surfers are also advised to buy a surf fin because it improves their surfing performance. This surf gear offers better stability and mobility when engaging in surf mountains. It comes in various types like single fin, twin fin, Thrust, and Quad models.

Surf wax

This is a wax that is used on your surfboard to avoid surfers slipping when in difficult terrains. It is usually applied where feet are situated to give you a strong balance.


While many people surf shirtless, wearing just pants, it is better to get a wetsuit especially for beginners and during wet seasons. It keeps you warm and prevents cold even when you fall during a surf.

Exploring new horizons like surf mountain opens you up to possibilities better experienced than imagined.