Garretstown surf: how to surf in garretstown?

Surfing is an interesting activity around the world especially for residents of Ireland. However, not everyone can surf as it requires time to learn how to. Garretstown is a nice town in Ireland, and we will look at how to surf there, some interesting spots to surf in the town, and tips to know before surfing.

About surfing in Garretstown

Garretstown is one of the most serene towns in county Cork in Ireland. This town is home to several stores, hotels, and public businesses. It harbors a beautiful beach and point break that is highly recommended for surfing either for beginners or professional surfers.

At the Garretstown surf, everyone can surf at any time of the year, however, they need to take cognizance of winds from the north. Garretstown Beach provides all kinds of waves and tides when the surf increases. One has to be also wary of sea obstacles like pebbles, groins, and rocks to avoid accidents.

Tips to know before going to Garretstown surf

While surfing in Garretstown can be interesting and educative, there are some information surfers should be aware of.

The learning curve

Surfing is interesting, but can be difficult when you don’t know how to go about it. The waves aren’t s stable, it changes regularly, so you have to keep a keen watch on tides and swells which may affect your surf.

Using the Surfboard

Having the desired equipment like the surfboard is very crucial in helping you surf well. Don’t just purchase any surfboard, get a reliable new surfboard that can withstand the waves at Garretstown Beach.

Picking appropriate surfing spots

Knowing a good spot to surf at Garretstown is very important, and it can determine how safe your surfing will be. Always ask the locals, the best spot as they are familiar with the beach. Some surfing spots at Garretstown are Howes Strand, Inchydoney, Red Strand, Owenahincha, Castlefreke, and Clones Strand.

Have a surfing partner

Most surfers like surfing alone, because they believe they know everything that is required about surfing. However, there is more to that. Always surf with a friend or trainer as it prevents accidents, and you learn new skills from the partner.

Why you should go to Garretstown surf?

Surfing at Garretstown comes with lots of advantages which include:

Many health benefits

Taking a Garretstown surf provides many health advantages because a surfer needs to keep fit. Also, people suffering from stress and depression can wade this off by surfing at this place.

A cool vacation spot

Garretstown surf is a cool place where one can take time away from the bustle of the town. It is a quiet environment with many excellent public facilities.

Entertainment and fun

Surfing at Garretstown offers individuals a chance to have fun splashing water on their feet. The beaches at this location keep everyone entertained with their friends and families.

An excellent learning surf spot

Newbies who are looking for a good location could use Garretstown surf because it is safe and the tides are good for learning purposes. Garretstown beaches have witness few accidents and learners can use them to improve their surfing skills.

Garretstown is a nice beach in Ireland which is a good spot to enjoy, however, know some surfing tips before going there.